April 28, 2015


River Island satchel bag
Trying to bring some color into my dark and gloomy wardrobe, one blueberry-milkshake- coloured satchel at a time. This one I bought back in August when I went to Tallinn... I have not taken any regret in purchasing yet another bag as a souvenir. It's not only perfect aesthetically, it's also more practical than one would think. It comes with a long strap that you can choose to either fix onto the sides of the bag to carry it on your shoulder as one would usually do, or you can fix that same strap in a way that'll convert the handbag into a beautiful little backpack. Genius, right?
For a couple of weeks now, the feeling of spring settling in has been growing stronger every day. My house is filled with flowers- some I received the other day during my school's annual fashion show (yes, I made another capsule collection), some were brought in by my mum who loves decorating with pastel bouquets. I'm definitely not complaining. My evenings are spent working on an architecture project of designing a concept store for art class while listening to Franky Valli and the Four Seasons. What's not to like!


April 6, 2015


You may have noticed how much I love wearing massive neck jewelry. Earrings, however, have never been something I cared about, I usually just opted for the classical pearl earring. That is, until I saw the Dior double pearl ones. Double the class; instant crush. Classic with a bit of edge, just the way I like it. I was beyond happy to find out that I could get pretty much the exact same earrings from Six, so I ended up buying a few pairs... just in case. That's something I've noticed I do if I really like something- I have a tendency to buy that item in several different colors. I can't really explain this phenomenon, it's just something that keeps happening and I can't help it.
My spring holiday will be over in a week and I have so many things to do until school starts again- I'm working on yet another collection for my school's annual fashion show. If any of you remember the post I did about my previous collection, you'll know the color palette was mostly blue&black. This time, I'm going for some vivid red tones to switch things up a bit. The show is in around three weeks, we'll see how it'll turn out. I'm excited but also slightly stressed, I still have to make five outfits out of eight. Wish me luck!

April 2, 2015


Zara fur scarf+trousers, Morgan leather jacket, h&m booties
My spring holiday kicked off with a trip to London. I stayed there for a week- a couple of days on my own and then five days with a friend. We had an amazing time- toast and fresh fruit salads in the morning, watching Orange Is The New Black (which surprisingly enough has now become a series I really like, although I was skeptical about it at first) in the evening, exploring different parts of the city during the day. While Brick Lane and the entirety of Camden are charming in their own ways, I fall in love with South Kensington and its neoclassical architecture every time I go there. This time I ended up in that part of town because I was eager to finally visit the Alexander McQueen 'Savage Beauty' exhibition held at the V&A. It is no secret that I've been admiring McQueen's work since I was twelve. I remember showing my friend the collection entitled "The Horn of Plenty" back in 2009, and while that friend of mine was having none of it, I was going crazy over the avant-garde silhouettes, the theatrics and the whole concept of the show. I'm pretty sure that was the turning point for me- the moment I realized I, too, want to be in fashion, creating art in the form of garments, but also putting on a show for people to watch and enjoy. The exhibition was inspiring and absolutely stunning, to say the least. It felt unreal to see McQueen's work up close, I wanted to soak up as much of that breathtaking atmosphere as I could, it truly was splendid. One of my favorite parts had to be the hologram of Kate Moss, floating in the air dressed in a swirly-fabric gown. I always admired McQueen's wish to incorporate modern technology into his shows. It gave them a futuristic-romantic feel. All in all, this exhibition made my stay in London even more amazing. I already miss it so much!

March 10, 2015


Wildfox sunglasses, Zara dress
When it comes down to dressing casual, anything knitted will do the job. It's all about slightly shapeless, non-restraining garments, anything that makes you feel free and comfortable. As much as I love dressing up, sometimes I do enjoy putting together a simple outfit like the one in these photos. Yeah, they're also from Venice. I had such a great time there, it's difficult to part with the memories, so I keep the photos coming! However, this is the last of it, I promise.
I've been feeling quite sick for the past few weeks, it's always hard to cope with the changing weather. The transition from winter to spring always manages to catch me off guard- the temperature outside rises by a few degrees, I go for a walk without a scarf and the next thing I know: I'm feeling sick and spend my days watching 'The Office' and drinking tea. I'm not complaining (too much). Hopefully, you guys are having a better start of spring!

February 26, 2015


More photos from day two of my recent trip to the beautiful city of Venice. We spent most of the day on boats, traveling from one part of town to the other in order to take in as much of the Venetian flair as possible. The mood was very laid-back, we made a couple of stops at cafes to simply enjoy the moment. I took time to write a postcard to one of my friends, I wonder if it has reached her by now.

At night, we got lost in the streets of the old town, which we did not do on purpose, but apparently it is something that everyone should do when in Venice. The thing about that city is that it resembles a giant maze. The buildings are tall, the streets are narrow and all of them are connected by more tiny passages. The more you wander into the depths of the city and further away from the Piazza San Marco, the more you actually get to discover the true essence of the authentic Venice.
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