December on Instagram

Even though the quality of my iPod that I take pictures with isn't great, I like sharing moments from my life on Instagram. I know that January is reaching towards its end, but I'm still making a little recap of my posts from December. These are some of my favorite shots from my own Instagram (@vaemilija), too, so I hope you like them!

Picture #1 This is a photo that my sister took of me when the sun was setting and we could see the light disappear gradually, but quickly. I was going to post this look on the blog, but the quality turned out quite horrible. This was the only shot that was actually acceptable to show to the world.

Picture #4 As much as I love reading, I don't find the time to do it ever so often anymore. That day-- it was during the last holiday, I believe-- I finally made time to read a part of "Steppenwolf" again. My settee is probably the best spot on the surface of Earth for reading- it's drowned in natural light and is as comfortable as can be. 

Picture #5 A never-before seen picture from back in November when I visited Paris with Mom. Took this one on the Alexandre III Brigde that I had dreamed about visiting for so long.

Picture #6,7 Some Christmas decorations from around the house. We always pick a color palette for our Christmas decorations and this year it was burgundy, gold and crystal, mostly. I loved the setup of our coffee table and turned it into an abstract image with the mirrored effect that I love so much, as you may have figured out by now.

Picture #9 Printed photos from Paris, again. I always take lots of pictures when I travel and I have uncountable amounts of folders with files from all over the world. Recently I've decided to get my favorite pictures printed out. It makes those pictures feel so much more valuable and tied to beautiful memories. I don't have an album for those yet, but I keep them in a little box. Just in case one day all digital files go extinct, I'll still have something to hold on to.


Dark soul

Zara faux fur coat + shoes, h&m gloves+clutch

Another, more picturesque title for this look could have been "golden treasures in the depths of a dark blue stormy sea", if you wish. I fell in love with this navy fur, there is something so dark and yet royal about it, which of course is why I was instantly drawn to it. What is more, this somber vibe is all that surrounds me these days. I'm currently in the middle of my exams -- two out of six, done -- and I must say it's not exactly the most fun I've ever had, keeping in mind the stress and all that.

Really, what's getting me through all of it is infinite playlists of Marvin Gaye and Tom Jones' songs. They're my go-to whenever I need to distract myself. That, and I'm also working on an 8-piece collection for this year's fashion show that takes place annually in my school. This time, as opposed to last year, I'm thinking red. We'll see how that works out!



Stefanel shawl, Asos hat, Zara pants, Jeffrey Campbell 'Prickly' platforms, h&m sunglasses+clutch

Photos from autumn. Contrasting blue with the yellow and orange leaves. Autumn is the dreamiest of all seasons to me. While winter and snow make the world appear smaller and cozier, autumn makes it seem like there are no boundaries. All the rows of trees that have dropped their leaves create an endless alley towards the unknown, which I find so beautiful.
I found this blue shawl somewhere in the house ages ago, but only decided to wear it now that I gifted myself a fedora of the same color. It's like they belong together- edgy elegance combined with glamorous tomboy.

I would also like to wish you all an amazing start of 2015! Enjoy every moment of it, make it good.



Zara suit+loafers, River Island hat
Last week-end, I visited Paris for the second time in the past couple of months; the first time being about a month ago when I went on an art class trip with a bunch of great people. This time, it is my mom and I who decided to go on a little one-day journey to Paris. I had been in the city a few times before, but somehow had never been on the Alexandre III Bridge, and it became a little dream of mine to take pictures there. And I finally got the chance to do so.
Paris in autumn is beautiful, it feels fresh. I guess the whiteness and the purity of the architecture contrasting with the orange tones of falling eaves, both create a romantic atmosphere. I wore my full red ensemble: it made me feel like a typical Parisian girl from movies, which also intensified my dreams of living in that city at some point in my life, at least for a short while.