September 7, 2015


With summer slowly fading into autumn, it is only a matter of days before I plunge myself into my new life. Big changes are ahead of me- not only am I moving to London in a short while, but I will also starting university in the end of the month. I will be studying fashion design with the hopes of never ceasing to create for the rest of my life. Of course, it'll be a long way before I get to where I want in the industry; surely there will be struggles and tears, lots of hard work and self-motivation involved, but I think I'm ready for it all (or at least I hope I am). It is time for me to step out of my comfort zone and swap it for something I'm not used to. I will be trading my lovely home in Brussels for an empty twelve squared meters room near Brick Lane... saying that I'm excited would be an understatement. Although I am anything but fond of packing, I've come to force myself to do it. I've started sorted out the things I need the most and the ones I will be getting rid of. It is time for a new start, but I find it so hard to let go of things I've grown to be so attached to. OK, I'm not gonna lie, my main concern right now is transporting my entire wardrobe across the sea with only two suitcases at my disposal. They will soon both be so heavy that I won't be able to lift them, but hey- it's worth it.

Hopefully my current situation and my upcoming transition is good enough of an explanation for my lack of activity on the blog. I'm trying, I really am! More posts coming soon, keep your eyes open!

August 7, 2015


I'm not one to tolerate excessively warm weather for more than a week, I simply run out of things to wear. I'm all about that eighteen degrees Celsius layering, coats and knits in every shade of grey... especially in summer. Floral prints and bright colours are my last resort and I believe that you don't need to be wearing a rainbow to stand out in a crowd. To me it's all about texture and volume, the way a garment moves with the body, how they compliment each other. Some people say that when living in a big overpopulated grey city, it is best to wear vivid colours, otherwise you might find yourself to be depressed all the time. But wearing all shades of grey makes me joyful, as if I was a part of the city as opposed to an accessory. Grey is architectural and romantic in a haunting way. It creates nuance, it's poetic and has charm. I've been raiding Zara's knit section for the past couple of months and keep finding little gems such as these two knitted sweater dresses. This is as summery as it gets for me and my gloomy wardrobe.
Tonight I'll be hopping on a bus that will take me to Tallinn. I'm more than excited to be going back, the time I spent there last summer with a friend was tons of fun. Estonia part 2.0, here I come! It hit me the other day that I've been excited about summer for such a long time and here it is, almost reaching its end. For some reason every time August comes around I start thinking of going back home and going back to the scholar routine. Except this year, there will be lots of nuances in my life, lots of new greys. I'm moving to London in September, starting a new experience that is bound to be great. I'm curious as to what the future has in store for me, but I'm also petrified. Excited, but also melancholic about leaving my all-white room in Brussels to start a life in a tiny dorm. Surely, it will take some getting used to, but it won't be long before that dorm becomes 'home'. With that being said, I'm off to treat myself with a cup of freshly pressed grapefruit juice- my new obsession- before tonight's long trip. I hope you're all having an amazing summer!

July 4, 2015


Many times I've wondered about what I consider to be so-called 'essentials' to my being. Obvious vital necessities aside, a cozy sweater and a pair of sleek heels are both strong competitors for first place. Runner-up, we've got lipstick in every gloomy shade on the spectrum of reds and purples and last but not least: a casual pair of jeans. I'm currently loving mom jeans and anything high-waisted, especially when paired with anything cropped on the top half. I am fond of anything comfortable to roll around in on Saturday mornings, especially after a big celebration.

Yesterday was a big day for me- I graduated. High school is behind me and it's time to move forward... which means university, here I come! But before taking a step into the adult life (or into my future twelve squared meters dorm room), I have two months of summer holidays. Even though I'm not normally the most enthusiastic person when it comes to high temperatures, my appreciation of summer and everything that comes along with it is unquestionable. In four days I will be heading towards Crete with a group of friends. One last trip together before splitting up and going our own ways. Bittersweet? You could say that. But it's also essential to create some last great memories to remember each other by when we leave. The way I see it, leaving school and all your friends is not a goodbye, it's a see-you-later, except the 'later' might mean a longer period of time than it used to.

June 25, 2015


Looking over the Mediterranean sea as every bit of worry in the world gets washed away in the foam of the breaking waves- that's how I like to spend my days off school, away from all the worksheets and hand-outs, with my only dilemma being which fruit to have freshly pressed into juice. Days like that are only a fantasy to me right now, since nowadays I keep finding myself drowning in indescribable amounts of procrastination- such a convenience right before my final exams. A week from now, I'll be waving goodbye to my school with a smile on my face and possibly tears streaming down my cheeks. I'm not gonna lie, that place has grown on me. No matter how much people complain about school and the overflow of 'hard work' that comes along with it, most of us will end up missing those grumpy teachers and hallways constantly flooded with rushing students. It's the end of an era, a raindrop in the ocean, as some may say. Right now I'm optimistic about what the future has planned, I'm on board for whatever adventures are ahead. I'm diving in.

May 19, 2015


There's something ever so enchanting about nature in spring. Of course, artificial beauty has its own charm. I'm an architecture junkie. Whatever defies the laws of physics or simply is glorious in its construction and structure- I love it. But the feeling I get from seeing all the blossoms appear every May is completely different and actually quite hard to put into words. It really does feel like the world is coming back to life and it's so empowering. In spring, I always feel the need to try new things- wear combinations of garments I usually wouldn't, experiment with colors and so on. So here I am, trying out the whole romper thing. I know rompers have been around for a long time; in fact, I've had this one from Casper&Pearl for over a year, but never wore it. Thus, when the time came for me to pack and leave to a warmer place, I realized that the amount of summer clothes I own is very limited-- half of my wardrobe consists of coats and faux fur-- which forced me to pull out some ensembles that never got to see the light outside of the house.
I'm currently in my couple of last weeks of school... ever. After these two weeks and then a relatively long period of exams, I will be done with school for good. Stress and excitement are both on the menu right now and I'm pretty certain that it will remain this way for a while. At least until I get my hands on that diploma.
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