Rose bonbon

Fuschia suit c/o Sheinside.com (blazer, pants), cross cuff c/o Alohahelsinki.com , glasses c/o Aupie.com, Zara shoes, UO bag, vintage fur coat

"Think pink, but don't wear it" once said the legendary Karl Lagerfeld. Thanks, but I think I'll pass out on that advice. I've been gathering colorful two-piece suits into my wardrobe for a while, and so far I've got three. This fuschia one has been waiting for a post for so long and I'm more than overly-excited to finally showcase it on the blog (huge thanks to Sheinside for sending it my way!) I've always been the kind of person to wear a lot of black (being classy and what not), but this year I've realized I needed to incorporate more color into my wardrobe. Is this colorful enough? I think so.


Silver lining

White tweed jacket c/o Aupie, Bag c/o Persunmall , Pencil skirt c/o Choies, shoes c/o Shelikes
March. The moment you realize that winter's over and that there's not much time 'till school ends for the summer holidays. To me, the marking point of that was a dance I recently went to- Spring Ball, where everyone dressed up in nice cocktail dresses for girls and tuxedos for the guys. Being a total rule-breaker, I wore a red suit (which I'll also post here when the time comes) with around a ton of golden necklaces and chains of all sorts on my neck. It was an amazing experience. Over seven hundred and fifty fancy-dressed people in the Colonial Palace (a building of classical architecture outside of Brussels), dancing to some really good and loud music. If only life were always this way, right? Forget the sore feet after a whole night in platform killer heels, everything was perfect. A great way to step into spring. For the occasion of sun coming back to us, I wore all-white, which is rare for me-- a self-proclaimed black outfits enthusiast.


Oh, Chelsea 2.0

Bershka boots
           New in. These boots were made for walking and that's just what they've been doing ever since I got them. Favorite pair of Chelsea boots I own, hands down. From 90's dgaf rocker to modern biker chick, they've got the grounds covered. Sneaking into everyone's shoe closets since around two years ago, Chelsea boots are still conquering the world, one step at a time.
These are perfect for early spring weather, which is exactly the one we've recently welcomed in Belgium. The fresh strokes of wind waking me up every morning, as well as the chants of birds make this little holiday feel ever more relaxing. And of course, little treats like raspberry&banana milkshakes or vanilla sundaes. What's there to not enjoy?



Flip glasses c/o Choies.com, Essentiel coat, Zara pants, Platform shoes c/o Shelikes.com

There's always that one piece of clothing that you'll love no matter what. Mine is this bluegreen fur coat. Its vibrant color and very pleasant texture make it perfect in every way, it transform a casual outfit into something out of the Royal Palace in a matter of two seconds (or however long it takes you to put a coat on, I suppose). The flip glasses from Choies are another quirky accessory of mine that I adore to bits, they're fun and serious-looking at the same time. Best of both worlds, right? Just how I like it anyway.

I've got a week off school for now, finally. I needed some rest after the hectic post-winter holiday studying. I'll take this free time to concentrate on a design project I've been working on for a while and I will definitely share some of the outcomes here, so you can see what I do when I'm not blogging. There's still a lot to do, a lot of work to finish, but I believe the results will be satisfying. As usual, a lot of work is needed to pursue what you most desire.