March 10, 2015


Wildfox sunglasses, Zara dress
When it comes down to dressing casual, anything knitted will do the job. It's all about slightly shapeless, non-restraining garments, anything that makes you feel free and comfortable. As much as I love dressing up, sometimes I do enjoy putting together a simple outfit like the one in these photos. Yeah, they're also from Venice. I had such a great time there, it's difficult to part with the memories, so I keep the photos coming! However, this is the last of it, I promise.
I've been feeling quite sick for the past few weeks, it's always hard to cope with the changing weather. The transition from winter to spring always manages to catch me off guard- the temperature outside rises by a few degrees, I go for a walk without a scarf and the next thing I know: I'm feeling sick and spend my days watching 'The Office' and drinking tea. I'm not complaining (too much). Hopefully, you guys are having a better start of spring!

February 26, 2015


More photos from day two of my recent trip to the beautiful city of Venice. We spent most of the day on boats, traveling from one part of town to the other in order to take in as much of the Venetian flair as possible. The mood was very laid-back, we made a couple of stops at cafes to simply enjoy the moment. I took time to write a postcard to one of my friends, I wonder if it has reached her by now.

At night, we got lost in the streets of the old town, which we did not do on purpose, but apparently it is something that everyone should do when in Venice. The thing about that city is that it resembles a giant maze. The buildings are tall, the streets are narrow and all of them are connected by more tiny passages. The more you wander into the depths of the city and further away from the Piazza San Marco, the more you actually get to discover the true essence of the authentic Venice.

February 22, 2015


As much as I enjoy outings on sunny days, I would never say no to snuggling up in blankets and numerous layers of soft material on a regular basis. Add to that a cup of tea or two, a bowl of fruit salad and I'm not leaving my bed all day. That's basically what happened to me this week- my time off school turned into the biggest lazy-fest. With this holiday coming to an end, I am now realizing how unproductive I've been for the past week. This means that all of the work I had ten days to finish will have to be done in one day. Hello, all-nighter!

This gorgeous floral-printed romper from Wildfox has become my uniform for daydreaming or flicking through the pages of photo albums. It's soft and light, perfect for wandering around the house or just sitting on my settee, watching series. It's from their Valentine's Day collection and even though it's been a week since the celebration, the romper's got me feeling festive every day. I absolutely adore it!


February 20, 2015


You know what's fun? Walks around town while dressed as an ice-blue marshmallow/cotton candy/blueberry milkshake. It feels so refreshing to finally incorporate some color into my otherwise monochrome wardrobe. Dark looks are my usual go-to's, especially in winter, but you never know when an exception will occur. This was one of those times. I had to dig for a bit in my closet to find this pair of white jeans that I hadn't worn in ages, but it was worth it. No matter how much I've always been in love with wearing all-white, this time the outfit was calling for a touch of this dreamy blue faux fur. The ice queen vibe is on point, if I shall say so myself.


February 17, 2015


I've been in Italy a couple of times before, but this time I got to rediscover it completely. Putting aside everything I ever knew about Italy- the rushing in the streets, the outspokenness, the abundance of vivid colors and the overall upbeat rhythm of the country- I completely changed my perspective on the place in this one week-end. Venice always seemed like a magical place to me, but the image I had of it in my head before actually visiting it (a.k.a. the way it's portrayed in 'The Tourist' with Angelina Jolie in beautiful attire) was slightly distant from the real thing... And I was blown away. Everything about Venice seems ethereal- the haunting palaces floating on the water, their reflections, the little alleyways and bridges, the whiteness of the buildings. What is more, I got to visit the city during the carnival season so the streets were overflowing with people dressed in Victorian gowns and masks. It felt like a masquerade. The masks added to the feel of mystery and anonymity. When in Venice, you can put on a mask and be whoever you want to be for as long as you're staying there...
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