Zara suit+loafers, River Island hat
Last week-end, I visited Paris for the second time in the past couple of months; the first time being about a month ago when I went on an art class trip with a bunch of great people. This time, it is my mom and I who decided to go on a little one-day journey to Paris. I had been in the city a few times before, but somehow had never been on the Alexandre III Bridge, and it became a little dream of mine to take pictures there. And I finally got the chance to do so.
Paris in autumn is beautiful, it feels fresh. I guess the whiteness and the purity of the architecture contrasting with the orange tones of falling eaves, both create a romantic atmosphere. I wore my full red ensemble: it made me feel like a typical Parisian girl from movies, which also intensified my dreams of living in that city at some point in my life, at least for a short while.



Pull&Bear jeans, Jeffrey Campbell 'Prickly' platforms, COS coat, clutch c/o Banggood.com 

One can't go wrong with jeans and a white blouse. The simplicity of that combination opens the door to endless accessorizing possibilities and I, of course, went for what could be called a 'futuretro' vibe, combining both vintage-looking garments and edgy statement accessories.
It's all about mixing mundane pieces with eye-catching unusual ones. They complement each other so well, creating a contrast between two styles and merging into one simultaneously.
With the days getting shorter and natural light disappearing in earlier hours, I've turned to reading a lot. The embroidered settee next to my window has become the perfect place for a good book, a cup of tea and occasionally some macaroons. It's soothing and calming, especially on stressful schooldays and let alone autumn evenings- for some reason this transitional moment of the year is the hardest for me. 
What's helping me get through this right now is Salvador Dalí's autobiography- yet another shocking work of art by the provocative artist. It gives you a feeling of insanity. It's ever so strange yet fascinating to read a person's whole life story told by the person them-self, especially when they have such delirious thoughts and a very high idea of their own persona. A great and inspiring read, to say the least.



With everyone celebrating and picking out the most imaginative scary costumes out there, November sure is kicking off with a spooky vibe. I've always enjoyed this time of the year, the dark make-up and creepy silhouettes wandering around in the streets. It's also the one time when I'm not the only one in school wearing dark purple lipstick and head-to-toe black (in my world, it's like every day is Halloween). And as for tonight- I don't have a cool costume to sport, but I've got my golden skull to keep me company as well as Arctic Monkey's "You're so dark" on repeat. If only I had a pet raven.
Happy Halloween!


Moonage daydream

pencil skirt&blouse c/o Choies.com
While Paris was welcoming thousands of fashionistas, fashion bloggers and vloggers, designers and models, editors and critics from all around the globe for Fashion Week, I was following the whole event through my laptop screen at home. As new collections were being presented, I sipped on tea while lounging on my settee and scrolled through endless articles about the best-dressed of day 1 of PFW or the biggest hits straight from the catwalk. And to think that I was in that same, seemingly calm and mysterious city for a couple of days just a week ago, as an outing with my art class!

My favorites from this year's Paris Fashion Week were Iris Van Herpen with the usual amazing cuts and silhouettes, the eclectic choice of fabrics, Valentin Yudashkin with beautiful pastels and sheer flowing fabrics, Givenchy with the lace-ups, stripes and leather. Also, I must give credits to Chanel (or should I say Karl) for the colourful and feminist ladies-first&make-fashion-not-war collection. A finale of models parading with banners in a set of a Paris street- genius.