A little something

A couple of months back, my school held an annual festive event, Footfest- an event that celebrates football,  as the name suggests, but also the different cultures of the students in the school. During the day, stands selling food and goods from various countries are spread around the campus, and in the evening a series of events take place to showcase works of talented students. One of those events is a fashion show, in which I participated this year as a designer. Above is a short video of the collection I presented, modeled by a number of gorgeous girls who perfectly portrayed the woman I design for- elegant and graceful, yet fierce as hell.

About the collection:
The main idea was to take a drift away from the dress- the most common item of clothing on the runway (especially  in scholar fashion shows)- without completely neglecting femininity. While incorporating garments from both men and women's wardrobes, modifying basic items such as shirts and trousers, I aimed to create new silhouettes as well as stick to classic blouses and pants. The collection begins with a short outfit featuring voluminous feather-decorated sleeves and eventually ends in a long flowing gown with an iridescent feather corset... a "black swan" kind of thing. Feathers symbolize freedom: the collection is about women becoming more powerful, fierce and independent. Liberated from the simple pantsuit, leaning towards asymmetric shapes and unconventional fabrics. It's all about taking a risk and the idea of change. It's about not being afraid... growing a pair of wings, taking control and exploring, like a bird flying above the world, beyond any limits.


Backyard vibes

 Zara straw hat&pants
The thermometer is blowing up and I am way out of my comfort zone. I'm an autumn person by nature, and not just because that is when I was born. Blazers, pantsuits and felt hats occupy three fourths of my wardrobe and I find myself completely out of place when summer comes along. Thus, I needed to find garments to temporarily replace my staple-items and went hunting for the perfect summer hat, among others. I came across this one from Zara and it's so simple yet elegant, I had to get it for my hats collection. Yes, I am a sucker for headpieces of all kinds. 


Crystal clear

Zara clutch
New in. I adore tiny evening bags. Not that I attend a lot of evenings of the sort where you'd have to carry one, but it can always come in handy at some point in life. I'm a mixing formal wear with casual wear enthusiast, I admit. And this black snakeskin-like treasure from Zara was just asking for an appreciation post that it oh-so-deserves. I'm really into crystal details right now, maybe it's because I've been reading The Great Gatsby on my beloved Kindle, and the roaring 20's are so chic and glamorous that it's actually hypnotizing (plus, the stunning Prada costumes in the new movie version are to die for). "I am nostalgic about an era I never knew".


Blood Orange

Clutch c/o Banggood.com; Zara suit; Jeffrey Campbell 'Prickly' platforms, h&m sunglasses
"Blood orange... She's so pretentious. Shut up, it's f*cking red". Yes, I may have been watching Project Runway again. And yes, I am yet again clothed in a suit and this is certainly not the ultimate one you'll get a glimpse of. I'm aware you have hitherto witnessed me sporting my bright pink suit and now this beautiful red one that I purchased from Zara last winter, but there are more of these bad boys to make appearances on the blog. I went for what has become my signature look in this past year: black coat plus baroque-printed scarf plus whatever goes underneath. That's how it's done: top that off with some lipstick, a clutch (thanks for this bejeweled treasure, Banggood!) and about two to three kilos of chains around your neck and you're good to go!
This past week has been crazy-wazy for me. Two festivals- Summerfestival and Rock Werchter, both amazing. Hearing all of the songs I usually listen to on my iPod being played on huge speakers and then seeing some of my favorite bands performing live (Alex Turner.... swoon...), dancing in a crowd for hours, which subsequently led to not feeling my legs the next morning... It surely was a couple of nights to remember. It's kind of difficult to get over the usual post-concert depression, but I'm coping with it; thankfully there's ice cream and macaroons to prevent me from going insane. Summer's exactly what I was hoping it to be and as I promised to myself, I've started painting and drawing again, which is proof that everything is stress-less. I'm in my own little oasis, enjoying every minute of it.