Crystal clear

Zara clutch
New in. I adore tiny evening bags. Not that I attend a lot of evenings of the sort where you'd have to carry one, but it can always come in handy at some point in life. I'm a mixing formal wear with casual wear enthusiast, I admit. And this black snakeskin-like treasure from Zara was just asking for an appreciation post that it oh-so-deserves. I'm really into crystal details right now, maybe it's because I've been reading The Great Gatsby on my beloved Kindle, and the roaring 20's are so chic and glamorous that it's actually hypnotizing (plus, the stunning Prada costumes in the new movie version are to die for). "I am nostalgic about an era I never knew".


Blood Orange

Clutch c/o Banggood.com; Zara suit; Jeffrey Campbell 'Prickly' platforms, h&m sunglasses
"Blood orange... She's so pretentious. Shut up, it's f*cking red". Yes, I may have been watching Project Runway again. And yes, I am yet again clothed in a suit and this is certainly not the ultimate one you'll get a glimpse of. I'm aware you have hitherto witnessed me sporting my bright pink suit and now this beautiful red one that I purchased from Zara last winter, but there are more of these bad boys to make appearances on the blog. I went for what has become my signature look in this past year: black coat plus baroque-printed scarf plus whatever goes underneath. That's how it's done: top that off with some lipstick, a clutch (thanks for this bejeweled treasure, Banggood!) and about two to three kilos of chains around your neck and you're good to go!
This past week has been crazy-wazy for me. Two festivals- Summerfestival and Rock Werchter, both amazing. Hearing all of the songs I usually listen to on my iPod being played on huge speakers and then seeing some of my favorite bands performing live (Alex Turner.... swoon...), dancing in a crowd for hours, which subsequently led to not feeling my legs the next morning... It surely was a couple of nights to remember. It's kind of difficult to get over the usual post-concert depression, but I'm coping with it; thankfully there's ice cream and macaroons to prevent me from going insane. Summer's exactly what I was hoping it to be and as I promised to myself, I've started painting and drawing again, which is proof that everything is stress-less. I'm in my own little oasis, enjoying every minute of it.



Pants c/o Awwdore.com, Platform shoes c/o Sammydress.com, Hollow cross cuff c/o Alohahelsinki.com, Sunglasses c/o Choies.com

As it turns out, I have a huge thing for printed pants. I've strayed away from leopard and paisley in the recent few months (goodbye, "grunge" times), but I'm re-discovering other patterns to sport. In this case, rhombus. It's as graphic as a regular checkered print, except it has a more obscure harlequin vibe... and I love it. Bold and statement-worthy, that's what always attracts me. Just like these swirly retro sunglasses that I'd completely forgotten about until I cleaned out my accessories storage the other day (talk about productive post-exam hours). It's crazy how many little treasures one can find and enjoy again after rummaging in piles of... well, all sorts of stuff. I've also welcomed a lot of new additions to my jewelry box, like this cuff from Alohahelskinki, as well as a couple of necklaces from their shop which you'll be seeing on here soon. 

What is more, I've finished my exams earlier this week. I was rather impatient to wait to wake up every day with the sun caressing my face, suddenly becoming aware that I can do anything I desire without having to think about when to go to bed or how early I'd have to get up the next morning. I'm planning on dedicating more time to painting, as I've recently- and may I add, very randomly- decided to buy a canvas and some acrylics, as if to compensate for the long period of time when my collection of paint brushes had been left unused. Speaking of, it's about time to take up what once was another activity I'd spend most of my time doing: blogging. I'm expecting myself to publish much more content than I ever have. I'll do my best to keep my own promise with the intention of not letting you or myself down. It's a deal!



Dress c/o Lashes of London, UO Bag, COS coat Shoes c/o Shelikes

A light summery breeze made her hair dance and her dress twirl as she looked upon the sun. I have just gone through my last day of school before exams. After that- summer holidays will begin. Good music smoothies, camping and hanging out with friends, that's what it's all about! Also, summer clothes. Dresses are just the next best thing after an elegant suit, which as you by now may know is my favorite look at the moment. The best is the fact that now I have an excuse to wear sunglasses (because the fact that I like having shades on my eyes during cold times seems to be weird to some people). We've got a serious case of a man-repeller over here!