September 18, 2011

as the days pass

These are some never-before published pictures that I decided to share with you. I love taking random

photos of whatever happens to be near me or on me. Like these bracelets in the first picture. I love them, and

decorating my wrists is something I love to do, I find accessorizing really important when it comes to outfits.

Second picture- spending my time on Safari. It's always cooler to see the same blogs, but on a smaller iPad

screen, ha. And third picture- that's what my hair used to look like, something about two months ago. It's a

shame it's not that red anymore, I liked it that way.  


Elena Leder said...

nice pics!


Maria said...

I love your bracelets! Your blog is so cute! =D

Olivilla said...

love the detail of the wind heating your hair!

Tatiana said...

It's like calling the iPhone cooler than on any other phone)
Bracelets just lovely, I can not tear my gaze from them, I love this combination.

millie said...

The last picture is amaxzing !

Lolo said...

Awesome shots! It's nice to take photos of the little things sometimes.
I really like the first shot the best :)

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