November 28, 2011

OUTFIT: flower power

(tights from forever21, shorts from zara, sweater from Massimo Dutti, shoes from sacha)

I haven't been feeling so great lately (I'll just casually put the blame on the weather), so I felt like wearing 

colored tights would be something that could cheer me up a bit. This outfit is very basic, yet very cozy and 

comfy. These shoes are way over-worn, but I love them too much to get rid of them, they are like a part of 

me that I can't let go of, lol. It's time to buy some new shoes- maybe a pair of Dr. Martens, perhaps, as I

mentioned in my last post?

The sweater's also grown on me so much that I don't feel like taking it off on cold

evenings, although I hate wearing my 'good' clothes at home. 



Annika said...

ooo i love the whole outfit! the tights are fantastic, i wish i could pull them off


edgeindustrialphotography said...

great outfit (as always)
what I always love are the poses + general mood
of the photos
how each photo makes you feel something different
... you're very pretty!

marta said...

I love this outfit sooo much!!! Especialy your red lips... so cool!! :)

Marta, xxx

PookeBoop♥ said...

wow, it´s so amazing!

Belle said...

amazing tights! gorgeous outfit - you look lovely:)

Jule said...

the tights are amazing, i wanted to buy tights like these some time ago...

Lea Lillith said...

amazing tights!
PS: my giveaway is running out by tomorrow

Thrift_Queen said...

awesome tights!

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

love those tights.

Sigma giveaway♥mfashionfreak

le monde de skadiida said...

beautiful! (:


Yajaira said...

love the tights

monkeyshines ♥ said...

fun tights!


Tatiana said...

It's great!!!!
I love these tights!!!

Eline said...

loooooove your tights and shoes!

inĂªs said...

what a lovely outfit! love everything in it ♥

Constance said...

Lovely outfit and lovely blog!! x

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