November 23, 2011

OUTFIT: on the floor

(dress from h&m, shoes borrowed, but they're from h&m too)

I was very tired today when I got back from school, so I couldn't bother myself to stay standing up while the 

timer goes, and decided that there's absolutely nothing bad about taking outfit pictures when sitting on the 
floor. This reminds me of Thelma's pictures on her blog and lookbook. She's one of the prettiest bloggers I've 

ever seen, and I love her style. Anyway, this outfit is a bit of a change, because it's just ever so plain simple, 

but I felt the urge to wear this dress- it's perfect, and I feel so comfortable when wearing this. 

It reminds me of how much I love lace and this green color.

I feel like I should do something with my hair- any suggestions? I was thinking of bleaching my tips and go for 

semi-permanent colors that I could change every other month or something, but dip dyed hair is so 

mainstream right now, that it's almost getting boring and unoriginal (depends on your unbleached color, 

though, and the way you style your hair). Or I could make another attempt to getting red hair. Uh, I don't 

know what to do.


Jule said...

Aaah the dress is amazing!
Shit I think I have to buy this!

celeste said...

those shoes are killer!!!! you totally rock them.

Jerrica said...

She's got a cool blog. You should do the ombre since I can't!


Fashion Nostalgia

Esther said...

I love this outfit. It is indeed very plain and simple but that's what I always prefer :D You look cute!xxx

RCagz said...

The dress looks great, love your shoes too.
I reckon red hair would look great on you, or maybe some light brown ombre tips? xoxo

inĂªs said...

love your dress ♥

Thelma said...



cute outfit!

Jade said...

Love these pictures, your blog is adorable

<3 eccentric daydream

Thrift_Queen said...

nice shoes!

karina said...

cool photo)

Jessica said...

Cute dress and boots!

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