November 19, 2011

re: versace x h&m

After the final release of Versace for h&m in stores on Thursday, I was rather impatient to go and see the

collection with my own eyes.  As I have mentioned in my previous post about this release, I wasn't quite

impressed with this collection, but I still thought it would be cool to touch the cloth and stuff, so I went to

H&M and took some pictures of the very few clothes that were still in store (these limited edition garments

 always are sold out very quickly, go figure). There were also a pair of orange tropical  print pants and some

other dresses that women kept gazing at, whilst I didn't see anything special about them, ha. 


FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

it's just clothes. versace clothes. but it's nothing special - this collection. i don't like it. i like the leather jacket only and maybe one or two other items.

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Antonia said...

The collection was sold out very quickly in Croatia, so I'm glad you took this photos in a store! Love them!! :)


Fashion Me Chic said...

I am not too crazy about this collection either. The Target Missoni fiasco( I was not able to get my hands on anything)was enough for me.

Lovely photos girl.

monkeyshines ♥ said...

amazing pieces!


lucylu. said...

I like the printer bustiers shape but the actual fabrics print does nothing for me. x

Thrift_Queen said...

honestly I thought I'm the only one who did not like the versace collaboration w/t h&m. But so far u r the only one that managed to show some quite nice pieces:)))

Anonymous said...

Muahahaha.....kada buvai h & m e?

Liberty Georgina said...

I was really disappointed in this collection.
It may be Versace design, but it's h&m quality...
However I did like the jeweled belts, they were rather sweet!

Katheyn Volikos said...

loved it! Inspiring!

check out my blog, i have a new post! id like to know what you think :)

It's on with Victoria said...

AMAZING this collection !


karina said...


creaturesandanimals said...

I wasn't too impressed with it that much either but that's going to happen. Except for a couple items.

Jessica said...

I love this collection it is so rebellious and unique!

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