November 1, 2011


This shade of sea blue is my latest obsession. I've been drooling over indie-like jewelry lately, it's almost

abnormal. And yes, I did change the blog's layout once again. Love it, hate it? I care. (Jewelry from



Carina G. said...

i've been looking for this kind of jewelry too! aaw. the color is perfect! Love it to death! :D I also love the pink ring you're wearing on your previous post. :D

Olivilla said...


FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

loove it!

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Jana said...

Love the jewelry and i really prefer the old layout. The new is kinda boring and the old one was just perfect. I'm sorry. But i love your blog and your style anyway. :)

monkeyshines ♥ said...

lovely jewelry!


MissGoodayle said...

Love this colour jewelry!


Anonymous said...

Darling it's super-lame to ask people to follow you. If you want a lot of followers, post a lot of great posts, be unique, be inspiring and people will follow you.
Surely you want people to follow you because they love what you do, not just so you have a 'number', probably made up of people who don't even read your blog.

You're so pretty and have great taste, you don't need to beg for followers. Be patient and keep posting.

R. said...


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Rosie said...

oh I do love your blog

its so original and different

you should check out the first post on my blog

its a dress that i made out of fabric from africa

i think that you would like it



Rosie said...

here is a link to it

please do have a peek i will apreciate it



Articoli di moda said...

Hi ! Your blog is lovely too.... it's really amazing ! Following you... you back ?
xo xo

elena said...

Nice post girl....:) I am a vintage addict...xoxo

inĂªs said...

oh i LOVE it! ♥

Jessica said...

Lovely jewelery!

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