November 15, 2011

versace x h&m

The pictures of the Versace for h&m collection above were taken by me when I and a friend were just

passing by an h&m store. The clothes aren't available for buying, but they're already featured in the

showcases of the shop. I'm not loving the colors of the garments, and a lot of the pieces are too kitchy for me,

I'm not deeply in love with the heart print or the multicolored leopard pattern. My favorite items would be the

black studded leather jackets and dresses, and the blue/green jacket. I'm really looking forward to seeing

these clothes in stores and being able to touch the fabric that looks so soft. Still, I must say I'm disappointed in

this collection. When I first heard about this collaboration, I was quite excited until I saw the garments that the

brand came up with, I was expecting way more than a few tropical prints and flashy colors.

Here's a video of the Versace x h&m runway show that took place in NYC.



mwan said...

nice pics


I just can't be friends with that Versace collection, the colours and patterns look cheap to me.

Mua Carmen said...

Guau! Love the skirts!

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

I frankly think it's junk and it's so ugly it makes me a little bit sad. There's some serious ugly going on in these designs.

▲Tyna said...

this collection is just GREAT!! love those pics..:)

monkeyshines ♥ said...

stunning collection!


Ariel said...

I felt the same way about the Versace x h & m, I was so excited and thrilled that they would do the collaboration with h & m but instead I feel that some pieces weren't properly executed and look more cheap than high fashion. I am disappointed but still look forward to seeing them hit the stores.

Tatiana said...

it's...versace for h&m! xD
great! i like it

Lea said...

i'M writing a post about versace+h&m too...! at the moment!!! you can read it....


Trashy Student said...

I think I preffer most of the mens stuff :( but particularly the black stuff is wearable

Annika said...

i'm so excited!! i can't wait to go out and buy some :)


Jessica said...

I love this collection the gold is great!

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