December 8, 2011

make it up

I've been requested to do a beauty/make up post several times, so here it is! Just letting you know, I don't

wear make upon a daily basis, because I'm one who thinks being natural is the most important thing in the

world, but of course make up becomes unavoidable at one point. I mostly just apply some lipstick and I wear

nail polish a lot. In the pictures above are my favorite beauty products, which include my favorite nail polish

colours, a couple of my fav lipsticks, regular blush, a black eye shadow, eyeliners (+ a liquid one for cat-eye!)

and something that is also quite lovable- an eyelash curler. Most of these are from Park Avenue, it's got good

quality make-up for low prices. As in for the nail polishes, they're mostly all cheap and bought in random

drugstores, H&M, or simply supermarkets. 



Kate said...

Love those nail polishes, they look like such great colours!

Kira Lilly said...

love your nail varnishes! so cute

KIRA LILLY fashion blog

Josie said...

H&M nail polishes are the best! x

Jule said...

all these different kind of make ups are very interesting, but i try not to use them that often and to buy mostly organic products, because of the animal experiments.

nice products. (:

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

nice! x

Hotesses Paris said...

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