December 14, 2011

sketchbook uncovered

When I'm not reading, blogging or studying, I like to spend my time drawing, sketching and painting in my 

sketchbook. It's filled with anything that crosses my mind and that I feel like representing on paper, so it's got 

the most random things in it- hipster mermaids with glasses, flower silhouette glitter gowns and portraits of 

imaginary people. I really love art, and to be completely honest with you guys, I started this blog because I 

wanted for it to become more of a place where I post my drawings and a few outfits of mine, but it turned out 

to be the opposite- a fashion blog with a couple of interlude-posts of my ehh.. 'work'.



vnikali said...

lovely sketches!!
I love them all! xx

edgeindustrialphotography said...

haha the same as me
a 'photography' blog that has featured everything else BUT
... but that's changing(!)

wow - these are amazing
you are *very* talented
love the 2nd one

Donna said...

these are amazing!! i'm so jealous of your talent!

Eline said...

wow, amazing drawings!
You should definitely keep posting them!

Lilli-Lilz-LHOPE-Lululolliepop63- Which ever one of those you might want to call me. x] said...

Beautiful drawings! I hope you post tons more of 'em! ^-~

Rūta. said...


Jule said...

the first two dresses are amazing.
you're so talented!

Lea Lillith said...

hey, may I print out some of your sketches for my 'inspiration wall' in my room ?


inês said...

oh my amazing drawings! ♥

monkeyshines ♥ said...

beautiful looks!


Stephanie Marie said...

Beautiful! You are definitely a multitalented girl. Also, I am ENVIOUS of those yellow Docs in your previous post.

Lea said...

these pictures are awe-awe-awe-awesome!!!!!!! i like the flimsy colours and the gorgeous figures..!


Jessica said...

Great drawings, I love them all :)

Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

Erin said...

Your sketches are wonderful. You are very talented.

Daria's diary said...

u draw beautiful!the first and second painting is great!

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