December 4, 2011

winter wishlist

Here's my wishlist for this winter. Mainly basics, I know. A lot of brown, maroon, black and mustard 

yellow, a lot of platform shoes, knits and leather. I'd die to get these wedge buckle shoes from modekungen

For me, they're even better than the JC litas that are still so 'in' even after about a year of being in the fashion 

world. Anyway, I probably just reached a personal record of 3-days-without-posting for these few months,

ha, I just had to take a short break, I'm sick and tired of tests in school and all that studying, they take away

most of my free time, but I should stop complaining about it all the time, it doesn't get me anywhere.

ps: I forgot to state the sources of these items, but feel free to ask me in the comments, I'll try to answer!


Thrift_Queen said...

I love them! Where is the wolf sweater from?

Julie said...

I cannot believe this! I want almost everything from this list from the burgundy Docs to the quilted leather shorts. All of them are just so lovely <3

Emi Coco said...

Thrift_Queen, the wolf sweater is from!

Anonymous said...

love the bags!!! where all they from?? :)

xxx kiki

Anonymous said...

i mean where ARE they from! silly me... :)

xx kiki

Emi Coco said...

Kiki, the blue satchel is from, the brown rucksack ir from and the tribal handbag is from! :)

The Beautiful End Vintage Co. said...

Great wishlist - we want the leather quilted shorts & the brown backpack!


Little Wing said...

I just bought the first coat (from Etam), greaaat ;)

Jule said...

Dr. Martens are a really good investment, really, you can wear them in every situation in your life.
Love them.

monkeyshines ♥ said...

fabulous picks!


Charlotte said...

I have those exact Doc Martens! They're huge, but I love them :) I also really like the sweaters on your list! :)
-charlotte <3

LittleMy said...

wolf sweater+studded shorts+ridiculous platforms= my wishlist! fab finds :)

Of Little My

Eline said...

love the topshop shorts!

Jessica said...

I love the shorts and jumpers :)

Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

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