January 11, 2012

because there's never enough

i wish my hair had waves like that. 

Who is this? There are so many pictures of her, but I can’t figure out who she is!<3

Why has someone taken a picture of my shoes from my tumblr to post on their own tumblr? WHY DON’T YOU REBLOG LIKE A NORMAL PERSON.

Hello, that’s me
i regret not buying these shorts! they look so amazing on. :-(

There is never enough of inspiration posts, is there? All of the pictures are from tumblr, I know that one of 

them is Cosette's, another one is Olivia's, if you by any chance know the source of any of these images, feel 

free to tell me.

I've been inspired by a lot of different things and styles lately- from grunge to punk and goth, some sort of 

tribal gypsy and also the 'lace' kind of stuff. All of different, and all so lovable. I'm looking for some new 

clothes to get, as I just need to 'restock' my wardrobe for summer. It won't take very long for the sunny 

weather to come back (I'm already impatient about it), and I don't want to be stuck in my winter clothes for 

the warm season!



Annika said...

i really love this. beyond inspirational


Beatrice said...

lovely photos!

Jessica said...

Great inspiration I love all the tights and selection of prints :)

Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

Anonymous said...

Eighth photo ->

Kira Lilly said...

great inspiration post! beautiful choices

KIRA LILLY fashion blog

monkeyshines ♥ said...



▲Tyna said...

goddish great photos!! ♥

Jule said...

amazing inspiration ♥

Anonymous said...

Love the velvet high heels <3

María Chantal Rodríguez Nilsson said...

wonderful and inspiring post^^

Kdotorg said...

Wow, loving all of this inspiration!

Its Mine I Made It said...

Adoooree your picturesss. they are fabulousss. and the lace shorts are to die for..
love, alex
follow eachother?

Aurelia (A Pretty Life) said...

great photos, I am following your blog pls visit mine, I hope fallow back

Kendra Alexandra said...

Love these photos
Your blog is amazing and
I just had to leave you a message so you know!
You might just have gained yourself a new follower :)

I hope you can follow me back and check my blog


evanescent said...

these photos are awesome! i NEED those purple shoes....!!

Ria :) said...

i loveee this inspiration, everything it amazinggg, your blog is so lovely by the ways, i will be visiting again very soon :)

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