January 8, 2012

exploring the urban outfitters

An Urban Outfitters store has opened not so very long ago here, in Brussels, and I have visited it a couple of

times, after which I decided to make a post about it. Here's my opinion:

The UO are far from being my favorite store, but I think there is a way to find some shoes, clothes and 

accessories that are worth their price, which let's be honest, isn't always the lowest one. Oh no, it's not. I 

personally would never pay 40 euros for a freaking tee-shirt, no way. I know they're called the urban 

outfitters, and they do have some really nice items, but some of them are so 'last year', if I may call it that way.  

We're all tired of seeing knitted mini skirts with tribal prints on, tops with leopard crosses and what is there to 

talk about the skeleton skull cut-out top that costs 50 euros? You can easily make that as a DIY project. 

Sorry for that little rant right there, but I felt like I had to come out with it, it was just bothering me a bit. It also 

bothers me that some people buy these expensive things just to show off. I think it's pathetic. Those are just 

clothes, for god's sake, right?

Anyway, the photos above represent the few things I took pictures of in the shop and that I  would maybe #

(not certainly!) buy if I was a rich bitch  who could let herself buy shoes for 200 bucks, which is nonsense, as 

I mentioned before. The leopard creepers, the weird-heeled shoes, the velvet bralet and the leo platform 

brogues are the four only things I actually like at the UO (I'm very surprised that two of them are leopard-

printed, because I'm actually not a big fan of that print). I didn't buy this stuff, by the way.



jamie said...

simply amazing <3

love, jamie
@ jamielechic

inĂªs said...

love everything! ♥

Minna said...

Love the first shoes! ♥

Mercedes Morales said...

I love UrbanOutfitters, i think that is my favourite shop(but I only visited one in Brighton, I buy in internet) but I agree with you that this shop is really expensive. I think this shop have a advantage, because is in sale all year and you can find great things in a less price. :)

Beatrice said...

nooo!i want your leopard creepers!!!is amazing!

Donna said...

Amazing picks! I live in Australia, and we don't have urban outfitters here, but I can safely say that I would pay that much for a tshirt or shoes! I still love their stuff though... :)

Kdotorg said...

Urban outfitters are everywhere is Australia, it's a little crazy. Though they do have some great stuff :)

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

first shoes *__*

my blog♥mfashionfreak

monkeyshines ♥ said...

amazing picks!


Julie said...

I get what you mean! Overpriced yet simple/ordinary items can really frustrate you when you're shopping. I believe you bought quite fine items though! Especially the leopard creepers and velvet bralet xx

Tatiana said...

great things!

Lea Lillith said...


Jessica said...

The creepers are great!

I totally agree with you UO is great but it isnt keeping up with all the latest trends ad it is too expensive considering its target audience is that of a thrift indie blogger!

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Giuditta said...

I like the leopard creepers but I do agree with you, UO is pretty overpriced for things that aren't that special. I like a lot of things in there but not enough to pay them full price,and 40 euros for tshirts and so on is pretty crazy since it is supposed to be a high street store if I'm not mistaken!


Pip said...

Hi! I'm visiting you after you stopped by my blog earlier! I love your blog dear, and love your style! The last pair of shoes are amazing! I am a new follower of yours now, so stop and visit me and keep in touch!!! xx


Courtney Miarka said...

I agree with you about UO...great to look through, but not always worth it for whatever you're looking for. Although, I must admit I have found some amazing items on crazy sale there. Love your unique blog!

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