Gold dust

h&m clutch, UO gold skull
NEW IN. So, I may be a sucker for small clutches. My collection of gorgeous little palm-sized bags has recently welcomed a couple of new members which I will soon be sharing in upcoming posts. And this baby is one of them. I adore its Art Deco vibe with the gold metal grid and the black suede. It's a perfect accessory- just toss in your lipstick, your phone and you're good to go!  It's been said that the smaller a woman's bag is, the bigger her confidence. Here I am, challenging myself not to carry around half of my life packed in a big handbag, but picking only what is essential. 


Adelajda said...

amazing bag!

Ariel | couturing said...

That skull is freaking adorable! I was thinking about getting a silver piggy bank version that UO carries.