Live, love, lace

all photos from tumblr
Black&White. Kicking off the year with a little inspirational post I put together to showcase what I'm feeling for this January. There seems to be a lot of lace included, so consider yourself warned. I've always loved lace and crochet on clothes, there will never be enough of dainty hems to lay our eyes on, will there? The paleness and fragility of white lace as well as the serenity and gothic feel to the black one are both so perfect in ways that are almost inexpressible, and definitely irresistible. Lace is so precious, I almost wish I could replace all of my wardrobe with long lacy evening gowns and beaded jackets.


Adelajda said...

cool inspirations!

Jay said...

magical :)

Catarina Magalhães said...

Amazing photos!

An Ideal For Living

CCMonai said...

VERY nice! Happy New Years love